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The PAL-10S is a compact and handy refractometer for measuring the urine specific gravity (USG)... more
Product information "ATAGO PAL-10S"

The PAL-10S is a compact and handy refractometer for measuring the urine specific gravity (USG) . The urine refractometer is often used by professional athletes to optimize their sport performance. When an increased value of USG is measured, the urine is too concentrated which means there is not enough fluid in the body. By drinking enough, dehydration can be prevented in this way. The PAL-10S from ATAGO is very easy to use. To use the device:

  1. Collect an urine sample. For example, use an urine container. You can use the urine sample directly or store it in the fridge for analysis at a later point.
  2. Perform a zero-setting: Clean your prism with a lint free tissue. Place a drop of water (tap water is okay) on the prism and press 'Start'. The easiest way is to use a pipette for this. If the result is 1.000 you can start your measurements. If you have a higher value press 'Zero' and then start measuring.
  3. Now place a drop of urine on the prism and press 'Start'. Use a different pipette for this and clean your prism again upfront. The urine specific gravity is then immediately displayed.
  4. Normally results vary between 1.000 and 1.030. In the literature, a cutoff of ≥1.015 is often used to indicate dehydration or dehydration. The normal value is usually 1.010.

scale: Urine S.G.
application: Urine
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Cat.No. 3810
Scale Brix
Measurement Range Urine S.G. : 1.000 to 1.060
Temperature : 10.0 to 35°C
Resolution Urine S.G. : 0.001
Temperature : 0.1°C
Measurement Accuracy Urine S.G. : ±0.001 %
Temperature : ±1°C
Temperature compensation range 10 to 35°C (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Ambient Temperature 10 to 35°C
Sample Volume 0.3mL
Measurement Time 3 seconds
Power Supply 2 x AAA alkaline batteries
Battery Life Approx. 11,000 times measurement (when alkaline batteries are used)
International Protection Class IP65 Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Dimensions & Weight 55(W)×31(D)×109(H)mm, 100g (Main Unit only)